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Pre-sale Support

We respect everybody's budget.  We want to make sure your investment in preserving your trees will be worth it.  When we come out to give you our quote, we will evaluate your trees to make sure they are healthy, structurally sound, and likely to live for many more years.

Price Estimate

The amount we charge to protecting trees varies depending on the size of the trees, how many there are, and how far we need to travel.  We use the best technology and business practices to make us efficient and effective.  Consequently we are very competitive and provide very good value to our customers.   Table 1 (See below) is probably a good starting point to help you get a feel for what your investment might be to preserve your trees and the benefits they provide.

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Post-sale Service

After we treat your trees, we will attach green aluminum tree tags to the trunks.  The tags indicate the year they were treated and that they were treated against the emerald ash borer (EAB).  The tags also display our phone number, our website address and a serial number to identify each tree.

 We'll remind you when it's time to have your trees re-treated.  On our first visit, you can tell us your preferred way to be contacted—phone, email, text, or postcard.  In the meantime, we're available to answer questions and address concerns.  Remember to ask us about our price-lock guarantee.

Table 1.
Table 1.
Ash with split trunk repair

Deciding whether to save the tree

Some trees might not be worth saving.  We'll help you decide.

accurately estimating fees for service

If you would like an estimate over the phone or by email, please measure the diameter of the tree anywhere between 4- to 12-inches above the ground.

Measuring for treatment estimate

Next Steps...

Do you have questions about emerald ash borer symptoms?  We offer free advice, free inspections, and free estimates.  Give us a call.  Drop us a line.  We look forward to hearing from you!